Introducing Collaborative Digital Learning Platforms in K-12 Education

Organizations need an integrated approach to drive systematic, constructive change and minimize the destructive barriers to change, as well as addressing the consequences of making the change” (Al-Haddad & Kotnour, 2015 p. 234). The process is not easy. This toolkit will not only guide this process but will offer solutions for those times most needed—when all you hoped and planned for doesn’t go well.


How To Use This ToolKit

A Walkthrough Guide Of This Website

Are you a leader in K to 12 education systems? If you are looking to add collaborative digital learning platforms, this video walks you through this website, and how to use our tools to guide you through this change process.

Image by Samantha Borges

When there is a need or opportunity to change or adopt something new, we may look for evidence that will support our choices” (Kukulska-Hulme et al., 2021, p. 9).